Volume 1

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Amanda Winterhalter created Fatality Records and asked other Seattle musicians to join her in writing songs inspired by death in the Pacific Northwest. Some of the songs are inspired by historical accounts and natural disasters curated by Winterhalter and freelance writer Jonathan Shipley, and some are inspired by the artists' personal experiences.

With the exception of Bridges (Old Coast) and Hell of a Thing (Reggie Garrett), all songs were recorded and mixed by Daniel Guenther and mastered by Moe Provencher at Jack Straw Cultural Center thanks to a Jack Straw Artist Support Grant.

What follows is Volume 1: a beautiful testament to loss, mystery, pain, confusion, love, and resurrection in the Pacific Northwest.


Photo by Nate Watters

The Ballad of Ol’ Ebey’s Scalp

Debbie Miller sings an intimate ballad inspired by the scalping of Whidbey Island colonizer, Isaac Ebey.

Photo by Patrick Demmons

Common Thread

Lo-Liner takes an incisive look into the armchair commentary surrounding the story of James Kim.

Photo by Dylan Randolph

Back On Earth

Arthur James telescopes beyond earth’s atmosphere for a perspective on life after death.

Photo by Kittenteeth


Old Coast pulls on a contemporary lifeline in Seattle, WA.

Photo by Theaux Braly


Leslie Braly’s voice and lyricism float along with the ghosts of the SS Valencia.

Photo by Eric Frommer

Hallie Illingworth

Joy Mills’ and Tom Parker’s harmonies bend around the tight corners of Highway 101 and Lake Crescent as they sing about The Lady of the Lake.

Photo by Kittenteeth

This Is It

Amanda Winterhalter channels the reawakened Mount Saint Helens and its 1980 eruption.

Photo by Pinehurst Photography

Shovel and Plow

Nick Droz lines out the harried labor and fight to find life after the Wellington Avalanche of 1906 that buried a train on its way to Leavenworth, WA.

Photo by Gregory Paul


Annie Ford weaves pictures from folklore and news headlines into a memorial song for Oso, WA.

Photo of Reggie Garrett by Michael Steagall | Photo of Ben Hunter by Stephen Flynn

Hell of a Thing (York’s Lament)

Reggie Garrett, accompanied by Ben Hunter, commemorates York, who carried the Lewis & Clark expedition to the Oregon Coast and back.